Hydro-Raking On Tap for April

Seven shoreline properties - six on the Main Pond and one in the Outlet Cove - are slated to be hydro-raked in April. Owners have signed up for 20 hours of raking, set to be performed the week of April 24. For more information about hydro-raking, click here.

Water Level Raised Early, As Drought Hangs On

With abnormally dry weather persisting in much of Massachusetts, the annual winter drawdown of Foster's Pond is being brought to an early conclusion. In fact, this year's refill of the Pond is a week ahead of last year's, and that was the earliest in the decade since the dam was restored to allow winter drawdowns. For more details, and a picture, click here.

Vegetation Survey Finds Pond Almost Fanwort-Free, But Recommends Treating Another Invasive

A comprehensive survey of vegetation in Foster's Pond late last summer turned up almost no fanwort but detected stands of another unwanted invasive weed, spiny naiad. The survey indicates excellent results from the Corporation's 2015 fanwort treatment and 2016 algae treatments. The report also contains good news about water quality in Foster's Pond and Dug Pond. Data from the most recent survey are set out in a 29-page report submitted in February by the Corporation's long-time consultant. For analysis, a map, and some background, click here.

Dam Earns "Satisfactory" Safety Rating

The Foster's Pond Dam has passed a State-mandated safety inspection. The dam received a "Satisfactory" rating, the second highest mark that can be assigned to a Massachusetts dam, and, as a practical matter, the highest that can be attained by an earthen dam engineered and built before the Civil War. The rating is contained in a 65-page report submitted to the State on March 2. Click here for more background and a picture.

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