Minutes: September 9, 2003

Foster's Pond Corporation
September 9, 2003
Memorial Hall Library, Andover
7:00p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

    Janet Kenney, Secretary, collected dues of $7.00 for 2003 from 34 families and Hydro-Rake sign-ups (checks included).

    Acting President Steve Ellis welcomed everyone, noted the large turn-out, and declared that we are a single community that needs to work together to solve problems facing Foster’s Pond. He said that a couple of years ago an attempt was made to revive the Corporation. Steve also mentioned the current vegetation problem has “astounded me”. Steve then invited everyone to introduce themselves (address, how long they lived on the pond, and any issues which they would like the Corporation to address).

    Many residents voiced issues, including dam maintenance, current weed problem, fertilizer use, phosphates use, dredging the pond, understanding the Foster’s Pond Corporation, septic systems, the island, and the possibility of selling the “point” (6,098 sq. ft. of land the Corporation owns) to the current abutter.

    Election of new officers followed. The following were elected unanimously: Steve Cotton, President; Lynne Whitefield, Vice-President; Dave Brown, Treasurer; Janet Kenney, Secretary. The following were elected unanimously as Directors: Pat York, Kemper Mazzarelli, Steve Ellis, Marty Rabinowitz, and Mark Florio.

    Steve Cotton then gave a brief history (back to 1939) of the Foster’s Pond Corporation and read its purposes from the Corporation’s Article of Organization. He invited members to read the Corporation’s by-laws, and obtain other information about the Pond, at the Corporation’s new website: www.fosterspond.com. He also spoke of our “shared love of Foster’s Pond” and our working together, through the Corporation, to preserve and protect it.

    A motion was made and unanimously approved to invite the Andover Village Improvement Society (AVIS), which manages the Goldsmith Reservation and owns the Wilkinson Reservation, to join the Corporation as a member.

    The Treasurer’s report was approved and the Secretary’s report was waived.

    Motion to authorize payment for up to $500.00 to Scott Fumicello for his work on the dam’s spillway was approved.

    The Dam. Mention was made about the dam’s overflowing in 2001. The Town Engineer came out, as did an engineer from the State’s Office of Dam Safety, who made emergency recommendations. Scott’s work took care of most of the recommendations, but two more trees need to be removed from one side of the dam; because of all the poison ivy, this work is best done in the winter. The State estimated total repair costs at $75,000.00, but this needs to be looked at. The State has the authority to do the work if we don’t maintain it. Foster’s Pond Corporation is legally responsible if the dam breaks and causes damage to someone else’s property. The view was expressed that Quinn’s two trees should come out of the water to avoid damaging the top and sides of the dam. These trees could become dislodged and float downstream to the dam. A discussion followed. It was also mentioned that the State has new laws, and will have new regulations, relating to the maintenance of dams.

    A DAM COMMITTEE was formed with Paul Ross as Chairperson. The members are: John Lugus, Arno Minkkinen, Becci Backman, Max McNeil, Maureen Keller, Rich MacDonald, Rick Davis, Dave York, and David Brown. This Committee will discuss and make recommendation as to how the Corporation should deal with the dam, what maintenance to undertake, whether we need to have an engineer look at it, whether we should approach the Town about taking any responsibility for the dam, and any other issue relating to the dam.

    Weeds. Several people said that the weed problem is getting worse. A representative of the Andover Health Department’s volunteer task force on pesticide use talked about the Town’s new policy discouraging the use of chemicals, including those used to control weeds. It was suggested that residents eliminate the use of phosphates and use organic lawn care and “no-phosphate detergent”. Mention was made of weed-eating carp, although Massachusetts does not permit them at this time.

    A WEED COMMITTEE was formed with David Adilman and Mark Florio as the Co-Chairpersons. The members are Paul Gerard, Dick Tyler, Judy Lugus, Steve Ellis, Bill Mooney, David Pollack, Eric Lynn, Pat York, Davie Whitefield, Bill Smith, Amy Janonsky, Kenny Tamarkin, and Janet Kenney. The Committee will discuss and make recommendations about how to deal with the weed problem.

    Website. Steve thanked Kemper Mazzarelli for developing the site and asked people to contribute material to it.

    The Island. A motion was made and approved unanimously to authorize the President to petition the Town to clean up the debris left on the Island after the Town demolished the abandoned house that had become a firetrap. Dave Brown and Dave Adilman volunteered to consult with Steve in seeking a solution from the Town.

    Float Planes. There was a brief discussion of the float plane that was landing on the Pond for a period this summer, and there was a consensus to take no action at this time.

    “The Point.” Steve asked that people go and look at “the point” so that the issue of selling it could be discussed at a later time.

    We are open for suggestions on where to hold future meetings. Mention was made about Faith Lutheran Church or South School. It was suggested that meetings be held quarterly, with the NEXT MEETING on January 13, 2004.