Minutes: May 11, 2004

Foster's Pond Corporation
May 11, 2004
South School Cafeteria, Andover
7:00p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

About 38 residents attended the May 11, 2004 meeting.  Treasurer Dave Brown reported that 28 households had so far responded to the call for voluntary contributions of $50 to fund dam repair and weed control  ($1,400.00).    He reported a total of $2,453.63 in the Treasury.  Report was accepted.

The Dam.  Dam Committee Chairman Paul Ross briefly mentioned work done in the Spring with Dave Whitefield – dam was stabilized with retaining wall (no sandbags were needed), only 1 sinkhole – water did go thru culvert.  Paul recommended the repair of  a leak to the left of the spillway, repointing and grouting of portions of the downstream rock face, clearing obstructions from the culverts under Rattlesnake Hill Road, and repairs of the stop-log mechanism to permit a draw-down of up to six inches.  He recounted the overtopping that occurred in April, and said that a minimal draw-down during the winter would contribute to dam safety by reducing the likelihood of overtopping when spring rains combine with snow melts to raise the level of the Pond.  Dave Adilman said that the expert consulted by Weed Committee had stated that a larger drawdown was unlikely to provide much benefit in terms of weed control.

The Corporation members voted unanimously to make up to $500 available for the work proposed by Paul.

Paul said that most of the work would be done in August, when the Pond is at its lowest level.  It was also agreed that the Corporation will post "No Trespassing" signs on the dam to discourage fishing and boat launching, both of which tend to compromise the clay cap, Paul will do the signs.

It was also reported that a woman has been arranging branches in the spillway in the misguided belief that she is somehow helping to maintain the water level in the Pond.  It was pointed out that the branches simply wash into the culverts, and need to be cleared out.  Members were urged to discourage this activity if they see her in action.

Weeds.  Weed Committee Co-Chairmen  Mark Florio and Dave Adilman recommended that the Corporation proceed this summer with an assessment of the Pond's vegetation - a study of the plant species and densities taken along three transects.  Adilman and Florio stressed that this study, which requires expertise in aquatic vegetation, is essential for determining what control methods will work - and for obtaining permits for almost any new method.  The Corporation members voted unanimously to authorize spending $1250 on this study.  That was the price quoted by Aquatic Control Technology, which will perform the work.

Adilman said that he has been able to secure the use of equipment which will allow the measurement of phosphorous and dissolved oxygen in the Pond, and that he will take readings during the summer.

These studies should provide information on the basis of which the Corporation can make decisions about what weed control approaches are appropriate to consider.

The Point.  Steve Cotton reported that the Corporation officers had not arrived at a consensus about whether it was a good idea to sell the Point to the Tylers, who had expressed interest in purchasing it.   He invited discussion from the members, and a range of views, pro and con, was expressed.  Dick Tyler said that since there was not agreement at this time, he would like to take the issue off the table. 

Community Safety.  Steve Cotton said that he had appointed Bob Hanscom to be co-chairman of the Committee.  Steve gave a brief report on developments since the January meeting, indicating that since an incident of vandalism on February 5, action by authorities had resulted in a cessation of problems that had confronted various residents.  He said that the police were now taking a zero-tolerance approach.

Brief Mention.  Anyone have snapshots of Foster’s Pond in prior years?

Frye’s Brook – Work on Rt. 28 – Sediment being dumped – Frye’s Brook feeds Foster’s Pond.  Town of Andover could have a problem if the hay bales aren’t working.  Steve will visit the area with Paul Gerard.

Does Andover Water Conservation Department have a lab?

Hydroraking notices to be sent out.

Another weekend cleanup on island?

Turkeys – Per Becci Backman, “Just talking to them doesn’t work – wave those arms.”  (It works!) 

Next meeting:  Tuesday, September 21, 2004.