Minutes: March 23, 2011

Foster's Pond Corporation
March 23, 2011
Memorial Hall Library
7:15 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

About 35 people attended the 2011 Annual Meeting at the Memorial Hall Library. [To see the slide show that was presented at this meeting, click here.]

Steve Cotton opened the meeting at 7:15 p.m. with an overview of the FPC, noting that if the Corporation had met every year since it was founded in 1939, this would have been our 72nd Annual Meeting.

President’s Report.  Steve presented a slide show showing our weed situation from 2004, when fanwort dominated the Pond (it’s been here for decades), to 2005, when we first treated with Sonar, the discovery of Spiny Naiad in 2009, and the present condition requiring  a treatment plan for 2011.  The FPC’s comprehensive program of weed control is done under an Order of Conditions approved by the Andover Conservation Commission.  Foster’s Pond is a Great Pond owned by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  FPC owns the Dam and is responsible for the upkeep.  In September and December of 2010, weed surveys were taken, and we found that fanwort is once again spreading, though it is not as dense as it was in 2004, before we started treatments.  Hydro raking was not done last year due to the low water level needed to repair the dam.  This year everyone with shorefront property will be notified as to participation in the program; if there is enough interest, it will be done in the fall.  There is a sign posted at the dam to Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers – meaning, clean your equipment and don’t bring in non-native weeds.  The 2010 – 2011 winter drawdown was our 6th.  Special thanks were given to Scott Fumichello for all his work on the dam.   Scott took the lead for all the restoration work done and guided the volunteers helping to repair the dam again last year.

Minutes.  Janet Kenney read the minutes of the last two annual meetings of April 9, 2009 and April 12, 2010 and the Foster’s Pond picnics held on August 15, 2009 and August 21, 2010.  Minutes were approved.

Weed Committee Report.  Dave Adilman listed the costs of prior treatments as follows:

            2005 – 1st treatment $42,500
            2006 – Dug Pond added $5,750
            2007 – Fanwort in Channel, used pellets $16,150
            2008 - -0-
            2009 - -0-
            2010 – Spiny Naiad $3,125

Dave said per Mark Bellaud, of Aquatic Control Technology, 25% of the Pond may have had some fanwort in 2010.  Because of algae, visibility was only 3½ feet when he did the survey, so that there might have been more fanwort which he was not able to see.  Dave summarized the proposed ACT Treatment Plan for 2011, and recommended that people read the entire plan, which is on the FPC website.  Since the first application of Sonar 6 years ago, there have been no adverse effects, and we have more native plant species than we did before treatment.  Recommendations for 2011:  (1) Using Sonar liquid and pellets to treat the entire Pond for fanwort.  The concentration will be less than 20 ppb, which is considered safe to use in public drinking water supplies like Haggetts Pond.  Treatment would start the 2nd week in May with a 30 and 60 day check to see if “booster” treatments are needed.  No swimming, boating or fishing on the day of treatment.  Pond water should not be used for irrigation for 30 days after each treatment, so up to 90 days this Summer, depending on the number of booster treatments.  (2) Using Diquat on Dug Pond to control Brazilian elodea (and possibly Sonar to control fanwort).  No swimming, boating or fishing on the day of treatment, and no irrigation for 5 days after Diquat treatment.  No irrigation for 60-90 days if Sonar is used.  (3)  Beetles may be used to control Purple Loosestrife .  The total cost of herbicide treatment will be $39,850 to $49,350, depending on whether Dug Pond is treated with Sonar and whether more than one booster treatment is needed.

Road Committee.  Jim Cyrier, assisted by a slide show, showed the potholes and condition of the road before and after repaving Foster’s Pond Road and Pomeroy Road In October 2010.  Total cost was less than expected, coming to $44,000.  Each abutter’s share will be $1,200.  Only an overlay was used.  If any problems arise, contact Jim Cyrier or Chris Cronin (Town of Andover).  The betterment will show up on your property tax bills.  Janet Kenney mentioned after the first paving of these roads in the 1980’s, you could go to the town clerk to pay the bill in full for the betterment.

Treasurer’s Report.  David Brown presented the Treasurer's Report. He reported on income and expenses for Fiscal Year 2010.  Total Income, including Dues, Contributions, Grants, and Interest Income was $19,463.  Total expenses (including Dam Inspection and Maintenance, and General Administration were $10,495.  Total 2010 Assets:  $46,917.  Net Income $8968.

Fundraising Report.  Fundraising Committee Chairman Marty Rabinowitz said that our expenses are dam maintenance (including engineering services, materials, and brush removal), weed control and a small amount for corporate fees, postage, and the like.  We do receive grants to help.  Members of the community are asked to contribute $250 per household annually, so that we have the funds to do work on the dam and to pay for major weed treatments as needed.   All donors who contributed to the Corporation in 2010 are listed on the web site, and 2011 donors will be listed in the next few weeks.

New Business.  2011 Summer Picnic - volunteers  areneeded to help with the organization of the 7th Annual Pond-Wide Grill-Out.  Contact Judy Lugus or Steve Cotton.

Election of Officers and Directors.  Judy Lugus presented the report of the Nominating Committee.  A motion was made, seconded and approved to elect the following officers:  Steve Cotton (President), Marty Rabinowitz (Vice-President), Dave Brown (Treasurer), Janet Kenney (Secretary).
On a motion made, seconded and approved, the following Directors were elected with terms ending December 31, 2012:  David Adilman, Steve Ellis, and Kemper Mazzarelli.
On a motion made, seconded and approved, Martha Russell was elected Director to fill a vacancy for a term ending December 31, 2011.

A special slide show of pictures was enjoyed by all, especially the turtles and pictures of beaver damage on Steve and Joan Ellis’s property.  Chicken wire can be used around the tree trunks to protect the trees from the beavers.  Dave Brown indicated the need for paid Voting Poll Work.  Contact the Andover Town Clerk’s office.

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded and approved.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.