Minutes: April 9, 2009

Foster's Pond Corporation
9, 2009, 2012
Memorial Hall Library
7:15 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

About 30 people attended the 2009 Annual Meeting at the Memorial Hall Library.

Steve Cotton opened the meeting at 7:15pm with an overview of FPC, noting that if the Corporation had meet every year since it was founded in 1939, this would have been our 70th Annual Meeting.

President’s Report.  Steve presented a slide show depicting the Corporation’s activities and achievements over the last year.  He reported that the dam had been re-inspected and found to be up to State standards.  He also reported that an survey of weeds in the Pond had found only one stand of fanwort, located at the mouth of the Mill Reservoir.
Minutes. Janet Kenney read the minutes of the last annual meeting of March 12, 2008 and the Foster’s Pond picnic held on August 16, 2008.  Minutes were approved.

Other Lake Management Activities. Community education is still the key to dealing with the ongoing problem of algae; we need to reduce phosphates.  Look for low-phosphate detergents, and don’t fertilize your lawn.  Don’t feed geese.  One goose can produce one pound a day of phosphates. 

Mailboxes.  Jim Cyrier and Becci Backman co-ordinated a community wide effort to purchase new mailboxes for Foster’s Pond and Pomeroy Roads.

Election of Officers and Directors. A motion was made, seconded and approved to keep the existing officers:

President:  Steve Cotton
Vice-President: Lynne Whitefield
Treasurer: David Brown
Secretary: Janet Kenney
On a motion made, seconded and approved, the following Directors were elected with terms ending December 31, 2010:  Dave Adilman, Steve Ellis, and Kemper Mazzarelli.

Weed Committee Report. A slide presentation showed weed treatments in 2005 (the whole Pond), 2006 (Dug Pond), and 2007 (the Channel).  A 2008 survey by Mark Bellaud, Senior Biologist for Aquatic Control Technology, showed that weed cover had declined by 80% since the first treatment, and that fanwort – which used to cover more than half the Pond and was the dominant plant – now covers less than 1%.  A picture of Mark in Dug Pond showed him examing bladderwort floating to surface; it is a native plant and is not considered a problem species.  Dave Adilman suggested we have ACT come out in the Summer of 2009 to reassess the Pond.  Amy Janovksy asked if we could have some teenagers pull out the fanwort, but the answer was it is not feasible, because there is too much of it near the Mill Reservoir, and pulling just fragments the plants and cause them to spread faster.

Dam Report.  The dam is now in satisfactory condition and meets State safety standards.  Six tons of boulders were dropped at the foot of the dam at the recommendation of our engineer. (A picture taken just after the boulders were put in place showed several water snakes sunning themselves at the foot of the dam.) Scott Fumicello rebuilt a portion of the retaining wall around the “stilling basin”.

Roads Committee Report.  Jim Cyrier who showed a picture of Foster’s Pond Road with large potholes.  Jim collected signatures to put a private article on the warrant for the May Town Meeting, authorizing the Town to repair Foster’s Pond Road and Pomeroy Road and to assess betterments.  However, despite working with Town officials on this, residents were later informed that Town Counsel had decided that it would be illegal for the Town to repair a private way – even though it paved Pomeroy Road and Foster’s Pond Roads 20 years ago – unless Town Meeting first adopted a new by-law saying the Town can do so.  There will be a proposal for a new by-law on the warrant for the May Town Meeting, but even if it passes, it won’t take effect until July, 2009.  That means that the road won’t get paved until 2010.

Treasurer’s Report.  David Brown reported on income and expenses for Fiscal Year 2008.  Total Income, including Dues, Contributions, Grants, and Interest Income, was $20,385.91.  Total expenses (including Dam Inspection and Maintenance, Weed Survey – ACT, and General Administration) were $6,313.07.  Net Income was $14,072.84.  Jim Cyrier moved to have the Treasurer’s Report posted on the Corporation’s web site.  The motion was seconded and approved.

Old Business.   Becci Backman described the proposals for a new I-93 Interchange between Route 125 and Dascomb Road. It would open up 500-700 acres for commercial development. If approved, the project would finish up in 2018. The development area is in three towns – Andover, Tewksbury, and Wilmington – and even though the towns have been meeting together, they don’t all agree on what the interchange should look like.

Town Meeting is likely to consider a warrant article to put up $800,000 for the purchase of conservation land.  The Town’s top priority appears to be protecting land on Foster’s Pond, off Willard Circle.

New Business.  Amy Janovski alerted us that Purple Loosestrife, which is an invasive weed, can now be controlled by beetles.  Martin’s Pond has been using them.  She also informed us that since new laws limited the trapping of beavers, the beaver population has exploded.  She said there are only three licensed trappers in the state.  She also mentioned that “Pearl” grass seed is ideal because no fertilizer is needed and the grass has 12” roots.  On Arbor Day, Saturday, April 25th from 10:30 to 12:30 there will be a tree sale and Pearl Premium grass seed sale in front of the old Town Hall .  Also from 9:15 to !2:30 at Memorial Hall Library, a free Tree Selection and Care Workshop.  (Food for thought!)

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.