Thanks to All of Our Contributors!

Foster's Pond and the Foster's Pond Dam are looking better than ever.  It takes hundreds of volunteer hours - for studies, planning, hearings, meetings, envelope-stuffing, and back-breaking labor - to preserve and protect this precious resources.  It also takes money.

We're a community-based organization. Most of our contributions come from area residents - people who know the Pond best and love it the most.

To all who have donated time, money, or both - Thank you!

And to those who wish to add their names to this list, there's no time like the present.  Click here to download a contribution form.

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The Foster's Pond Corporation is tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Your contribution, including membership dues, is tax deductible.

2017 Contributors*

Andover Street (Wilmington)/Woburn Street (Andover)/Nicoll Drive/Parthenon Circle
Matthew Brier & Emily Dulude
Liyang Chu & Ann Franke

Azalea Drive/Clover Circle/County Road/Donna Road/Fern Road/Morningside Drive/Sleepy Hollow Lane/Snowberry Road
Max & Denise Araifp_icon
John & Betty Barrett
Stephen & Holly Burnsfp_icon
Jason Chen & Yujuan Zhou
James & Charlene Clark
Robert & Mary Flahertyfp_icon
Peter & Judy Huntfp_icon
Joel & Amy Janovskyfp_icon
Jayan Landryfp_icon
Peter & Sandra Laquidara
Max & Mary Jane McNeilfp_icon
Mark & Nancy Powers
Frank & Mildred Raymond
Christa & Jesse Ritter
Martha Russell & Ken Barryfp_icon
Bill & Susan Walshfp_icon
David & Katie Workmanfp_icon
Peter & Marlies Zammutofp_icon

Foster's Pond Road
Serguei Bakhteiarov & Tatiana Moltchanovafp_icon
Al & Virginia Barberfp_icon
David Carraher & Annalucia Schliemannfp_icon
Ronald & Maureen Carrington
Amit & Urvashi Choglefp_icon
Richard Jaenicke & Amy Carey
Qiurong He & Yan Wangfp_icon
Thomas & Janet Kenneyfp_icon
Robert Purtle & Alyssa Garberfp_icon
Stephen & Lauren Vallarellifp_icon

Glenwood Road
Steve Alepa & Nancy Kashanekfp_icon
David Brown & Trish Flemingfp_icon
Gerard & Linda Fogdenfp_icon
Lydia Richardsonfp_icon
Ellen & Winslow Townsonfp_icon
Stephen & Eileen Tynerfp_icon
Frank & Barbara Wittfp_icon

Pine Tree Lane
Jerold Morris
William Scism & Cheryl Lechamfp_icon

Pomeroy Road
Steve Cotton & Becci Backmanfp_icon
James & Kathleen Cyrierfp_icon
Tom Fuerstfp_icon
Bob & Diane Hanscomfp_icon
Eric & Kim Lynn
Bill Mooney & Maria Sousafp_icon
Samuel & Janet Norkfp_icon
Louise Smallfp_icon
Dorothy Tylerfp_icon

Rattlesnake Hill Road/Carter Lane/Dundas Ave/Powers Road/Roulston Circle/Sunset Rock Road
Janet Arnoldfp_icon
Mark Cardono & Tracy Sioussatfp_icon
William & Carol Ferrantifp_icon
William & Carol Hamilton
Paul & Jennifer Hickman
David & Meghan Matsonfp_icon
Thomas & Kathleen Sambucofp_icon
Salina & Prerak Shahfp_icon
Young & Swan Shenfp_icon
Michael Toth
Stefani Traina & Mark Goldsheinfp_icon

White Oak Drive
John & Judith Lugusfp_icon
Arno & Sandy Minkkinenfp_icon

Willard Circle
Stephen & Joan Ellisfp_icon
Scott Fumicello & Shawn Walkerfp_icon
Judy Goonyepfp_icon
Jack Murphyfp_icon
Bob & Alice Pincusfp_icon
Marty Rabinowitz & Madeline Sherlockfp_icon
Julianne Stoughtonfp_icon
Kenneth Tamarkin & Jean Robertsfp_icon
Helen Waldrufffp_icon

Elsewhere in Andover
David Dargiefp_icon
Alice Friedenson
Steve Golden
Mark Kaluznyfp_icon
Keith Saxon
Frances Y. J. Wheelerfp_icon

The Boston Foundation (Bessie P. Goldsmith Fund)fp_icon

*Contributions received through December 31, 2017

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