Minutes: August 16, 2008

Foster's Pond Corporation
August 16, 2008
47 Glenwood Road, Andover
3:20p.m. to 3:35 p.m.

Despite an uncertain forecast, about 50 people attended the 2008 summer picnic and meeting of the Foster's Pond Corporation.

And Mother Nature cooperated, sending only a few raindrops down on the festive gathering. Typical of weather oddities that characterized the rain-soaked summer of '08, drenching rains fell just north and just south of Foster's Pond, and the rumble of thunder sent some picnickers indoors - but only for about a minute. Otherwise, it was a near-perfect day for the Pond-side gathering.

The event was held at the home of Stephan and Kathy Amesoeder, 47 Glenwood Road.

And it wasn't just the occasional thunderclap that seemed more like New Orleans than New England. Stephan, a professional chef who came to Foster's Pond by way of the Big Easy, treated guests to bottomless pots of seafood gumbo and jambalaya.

FPC President Steve Cotton called the formal meeting to order at 3:20 p.m. After thanking Stephan and Kathy, and event coordinator Judy Lugus, he reported that repair work on the dam had been completed earlier this year, and a re-inspection had upgraded the dam's condition from "Poor" to "Satisfactory." He said that he had received informal assurance from the State's Office of Dam Safety that, because of the improvements, the Corporation will be spared from undertaking expensive engineering studies that would otherwise have been required.

Cotton expressed thanks to Scott Fumicello for the countless hours of work to rehabilitate the dam.

Cotton also reported that because of the Corporation's weed treatments, the Pond was in terrific shape for the fourth year in a row. He noted that Aquatic Control Technology would be undertaking a biological survey of the Pond's vegetation later in the month. He said the ACT report would help the Corporation determine when next to treat the Pond.

He reported that an Eagle Scout had the previous Saturday undertaken a project to build three picnic tables and several birdhouses on Rock Island.

And he reported that a film crew would be on location at 12 Foster's Pond Road to shoot a scene for an upcoming feature starring Thomas Hayden Church and Elizabeth Shue.

Dave Brown gave the Treasurer's Report.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:35 p.m.